Nov. 022

“Whistleblower/ Stand”, House of Challanging Orders, Vienna Art Week, Vienna
Performative Installation/ Intervention

Let your actions keep pace with your knowledge

June 022

“Westwards – new territory”  – searching for empty and full promises and looking for announcements of something meaningful. Performative Intervention – In cooperation with Oscar Cueto and Pablo Chiereghin, Vienna, Austria


June 022

“Embedded Exception” performative Interventions, Exhibition participation at IBA, Vienna

G.Straub IBA022

May 022

Cultural Strategie Conference Styria 2030 – Talk, Graz, Austria

G.Straub Strmk2030



“Tour de out of control” participative Intervention, Vienna Art Week

Gerald Straub Tour-de-out-of-contr


“La Paloma Embassy Beach Hotel Masachapa, Nicaragua”, performativ intervention, Vienna

La Paloma Hotel Poster

Sept./ Oct. 021

“Unter der Kurve”, performative game, in cooperation with technopolitics, Vienna

Unter d Kurve G.Straub

Sept. 021
“Antipode Südpazifik”, performative Intervention, Viertelfestival, NÖ

Antipode Viertelfest.G.Straub

May 021

“WAS WIE WO”, Gerald Straub, selected works 2010 – 2021
abo Verlag, Vienna

Buch Gerald Straub



“Tour de Ritual” performative Conversations, Vienna Art Week

Gerald Straub vaw020


“Buffet Plus Storytelling”, performative Interventions, Vienna

Buffet Plus G.Straub

May.020 – Aug.020

“Treehouse” public land art on private land, Styria, Austria

treehouse G.Straub




“Work, Art & a good life”, discursive Performance, Im_flieger, Vienna

Gerald Straub imflieger 2019


“Tour de Truth”, performative Intervention, Vienna Art Week 019, Vienna

Gerald Straub Tour de Truth


“Deep Horizon”, performative Interventions/ workshop, in cooperation with “Zentrum für politische Schönheit” (  technopolitics, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna
Gerald Straub technopolitics

Guided Tour for “Out There III” for Pablo Chiereghin, Markus Guschelbauer, Vienna

Gerald Straub U1


Sept. 019
“Black Market for useful knowledge” performative talks, Wiener Festwochen, Vienna

Gerald Straub Rathaus


June/ July/ Sept./ Oct.019
“Inventour”, performative Interventions, art in public space-lower Austria, Austria
Gerald Straub Lunz


June 019
“Lemonade”, performative intervention; in cooperation with Aldo Giannotti, Bucharest
(part of “Flight of Steps”)


June-Nov 019
“Buffet Plus”, performative Interventions (in progress), part of SHIFT019, Vienna

Gerald Straub Buffet plus

April 019
FOTO, FOTO Group Show, Atelier Glockengasse, Vienna



Nov. 018

“Promising Paradise”, performative Intervention, Vienna Art Week 018, Vienna
in cooperation with the “Weltmuseum Wien”

Promising Paradise” embarks on a quest for contemporary paradises. Where might they be located: In a co-working space? in a start up company? In a elf-determined retreat?  In the past? Four tours gatecrash various “business paradises” in the colonial style. Take what you get. Now or never.

Gerald Straub Weltmuseum


Sept. 018

“R.V. Flora”, The Market as Research Vessel, performative Installation, Vienna
The Schlingermarkt was transformed into a Research Vessel – including laboratory, captains dinner and various expeditions to “nearby islands”.

Flora ship image


June 018

“statement of the urban obvious”,”performative Intervention, transpedition, Iftaf, Vienna



June 018

“Diplomat Diplomat” performative Installation, SOHO Festival, Vienna

Diplomat Diplomat Soho G.Straub


Feb. 018

“Mind Made”, performative Installation, Exhibition at “Raumstation”, Vienna

Instant Consultancy/ Permanent Recruiting –  The Projects unfolds specific aspects of contemporary working conditions and economical trends focusing on start up hubs. Notions such as “value”, “life flexibility”, “prosperity” are the basis to explore and discuss personal perspectives and experiences.

Gerald Straub Raumstation2


Nov. 017
“Reflexen”, performative participation, Vienna Art Week, Vienna

Gerald Straub VAW017

Sept. 017
“Tax” performative Feedback, Pegnet Conference, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

G.Straub ETH

Sept. 017
“Feedback/ Talk”, International Performance Art Giswil, Switzerland

International Performance Art Giswil 2017

May-July 017
“Election/ 017 Estado de Mexico”,  BKA Residency, Mexico

G.Straub Mex017G.Straub Mex Exh

May 017
“Landgang I/ Anheuern”, performative Intervention, AMS Favoriten, Vienna
“Landgang II/ Kapern”,  performative Intervention, Wiener Festwochen, Vienna
“Landgang III/ Paradise”, performative Intervention, Austrosaat, Vienna

G.Straub Wr Festwochen

April 017
“Das offene Ohr – Sprechstunde”, performative Intervention, Vorbrenner,  Innsbruck


April 017
“Mentale Skizzen – Utopien/ Realitäten”,  performative Interventions,  Kunsthaus Muerz

Gerald Straub.muerz

March 017
“Splitter”, Performance (in coop. with D.Aschwanden), Brut/ Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna

Feb. 017
“il/legal Tour-Timeline Associations”, performative Talk, nGbK/ transmediale,  Berlin

Jan. 017
“Update Report”, performative knowledge parcours, Embedded Exception/ IBA, Vienna




 June – Dec. 016
“Embedded Exception” Artistic Research Project, Performative Interventions (in progress), IBA (Int. Architecture/ Urbanism Exhibition), Vienna, Austria



Nov. 016
“Found Beauty”, Performative Installation, Vienna Art Week, Vienna, Austria




Sept. 2016
“Hafen Favoriten”, The Viktor Adler Market as harbour, Performative Intervention, Vienna, Austria



August 016
“Task”, Performative Intervention/ Video, Arlberg1800, St.Christoph, Austria

Videostill “Reward”



June 016
“Technopolitics – Tracing Information Society”, Artistic Research Project, Performative Intervention, MAK, Vienna, Austria
MAK Exhibition



June 016
Work and Experience  in the change of time, Talk, Viktor Adler Markt, Vienna, Austria


Feb. 016
“Hyperstition”, Symposium/ Talk, Büchsenhausen, Innsbruck, Austria


Nov. 015
“The Common Sense Store”, Performative Installation,  in collaboration with “Raumteiler”, Vienna Art Week, Austria

common sense store front

common sense store bk

common sense Gerald Straub


“Kunstgastgeber”, Performative Interventions, (Curator, artistic director); KÖR, Art in Public Space, Vienna, Austria
“rich get richer – poor get poorer” – Performative Interventions/ participative production of space

Joaquin Murrieta Carrillo


Sept. 015
“Dis-Play Praterstern”. Poster Exhibition, Fluc, Vienna, Austria



Sept. – Dec. 015
“Social Glitch”, Performative Interventions, (Artist/ Co Curator), Kunstraum Noe, Vienna, Austria



“Real Estate”, Performative Intervention, Kunstraum Noe, Vienna

REAL ESTATE conjectures a potential real estate crisis and investigates social disparities – in particular, the development of housing values, their background in the market economy, and the corresponding consequences. As opposed to cards with “Do you want to sell your car?,” cards with lines like “Do you want to sell your apartment/penthouse/tenement house? Trusted real estate provider pays unbureaucratically and promptly” are attached to luxury cars in prime class areas. A performative tour with property visits (e.g. through “golden quarters”, oligarch suites, etc.)

GeraldStraub. Estate


Jun. – Oct. 015
“QQ Echolot”, Artistic Research Project/ Performative Intervention, MAK, Vienna Biennale, Austria

Echolot Amplitude


May – Oct. 015
“Made in…””Lateral Line Organ of Space”, Artist in Research Residence Programme, (Curator, Artist), EXPO Milan, Italy

expo cover


May 015
“Modell”, Group Exhibition, SuperSuper Gallery, Vienna, Austria



March 015 – March. 016 (in progress)
“Import Expert”, Artistic Research Project/ Performative Interventions, Vienna, Austria




Nov. 014
“Jubilee Tour”, Performative Interventions, Vienna Art Week 014, Vienna, Austria

Foto artw.14

October 014
“Kunstgastgeber”, Performative Interventions, (Curator), Art in Public Space, Vienna, Austria;lang=de

g,straub kgg014

KOER: Kunstgastgeber Gemeinde Bau – Robert Uhlir Hof (Eröffnungsrundgang, 14.10.2014) | Foto:

September 014
“Orta”. videodoc, part of “Food, Water, Life” Exhibition, Ben Maltz Gallery, L.A., U.S.A.

August 014
“private house”, Performative Talk, Sinopale Biennale 014, Sinop, Turkey

June 014
“Quantitative Easing Talk”, Speach Event, part of “Quantitative Easing (for the street)”
by Axel Stockburger, Vienna, Austria

Jan – May 014
“Die Stadt neu Entdecken”
Urban Intervention Project, (Curator, Project Development) in collaboration with Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria



November 013
“Sailing by”, Performative Intervention, Vienna, Austria
in collaboration with Aldo Giannotti

“Garthsnaid, 1920”

October 013
“Kunstgastgeber Gemeindebau”, (Curator), KÖR, (Art in Public Space, Vienna), Vienna

June 013
“9 Indoor Sequences”, (1h 3min) S8 Film, Screening, Stadtmuseum, Graz, Austria

May 013
“WWTBD“, Performative Investigation, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria

G.Straub Performative Lecture

April 013
“The Singing Bowls’ Soup“, part of: “The Vienna Model“, ACF, New York

Poster KGG

This exhibition at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York presents a survey of public housing design in the Austrian capital of Vienna accompanied by a responsive series of images of artworks (including the post curatorial visual statement (see above) of the project “Art Host: Municipal Tenements”/ curated by Gerald Straub)
Story Development/ Concept: Gerald Straub
Graphics: Aldo Giannotti



Nov 012
“Kunstgastgeber Gemeindebau“, Curator, KÖR, Vienna, Austria;lang=en

ART HOST: Municipal Tenements
Herweghhof / Matteottihof / Metzleinstalerhof / Reumannhof
October 10–19, 2012
1050 Vienna, Austria

Einladung Kunstgastgeber 012_Page_2

KÖR Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien (Art in Public Space, Vienna) and wohnpartner – Das Nachbarschafts-Service im Wiener Gemeindebau (Residential Partners – The Vienna Municipal Tenement Neighborhood Services) approached tenants from a chosen public housing site and asked them whether they would like to accommodate works of art in their homes as part of the art project Art Host: Municipal Tenements.
Eleven tenants from four different buildings in Vienna’s fifth district were selected, each of whom was brought together with one of eleven designated artists. In October 2012, the flats were made accessible for guided tours over ten days, which offered a possibility to get to know the hosts and the artists and to gain an insight into the process of their collaboration. A wide range of artistic engagements had emerged, influenced and inspired by the cooperative and associative spirit of the project. The living quarters turned into zones of transition between private and public space and offered insights into a wide range of individual passions.
curated by Gerald Straub

Oct 012
“Consul Consult Island“, Performative Intervention/ Investigation, Vienna Art Week 12, Vienna, Austria

Investigating the notion of “Consultancy” by visiting Honorary Consuls from Micro Island Nations such as / Maledives/ Sao Tome; Principe/ Samoa

May 012 – Oct 012
“Periscope“, Performative Installation/ Investigation, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria


March 012
“Tu-Lips“, Performative Intervention, part of “Untergangart“, Tanzquartier, Vienna, Austria

Tu-lips Kopie

How does instancy / immediacy work in politics and what are the consequences of these momentary actualisations – acting as a creator of immediate emotions rather than building relevant tracks for a not so close future? – a life performative intervention.

Jan 012
“Superglue“,Installation, in: “Kunst und Kapital“, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria



Nov 011
“Superglue“, artistic research, Performative Investigation, Vienna Art Week 11, Vienna, Austria


is an artistic research project by Gerald Nestler and Gerald Straub
Science works on surpassing its respective limits, researching where there is still no exact cartography. Nestler and Straub are interested in “the impossible”, the “terra incognita” beyond the prevailing scientific horizon that can only be grasped intuitively or prognostically and is hence on the far side of actual scientific claims.
Nestler and Straub are collecting material on the impossible and are appropriating it to trace moments of irrationality, impossibility, inspiration, the working together of heterogenic moments and intuitive approaches. By re-calibrating the fluid notions of scientific knowledge at the frontier of what reaches beyond them, they ask: Is there a production of knowledge, which develops out of the impossible? Which enactments are generated by the impossible?
In SUPERGLUE, Straub und Nestler generate an artistic research focus in progress – between informal and formal references.

October 011
“Miete zahlt Kunst/ Kunst zahlt Miete“ , Co Curator, KÖR, Vienna, Austria;lang=en

March 011
“Consult“, Performance, Forum Mozartplatz, Vienna, Austria



Dec 010
“Idee als Referenz“ Video, Solo Exhibition, KHG Gallery, Graz, Austria

Nov 010
“Businesslunch“, Performative Intervention/Investigation, Vienna Art Week 10, Vienna, Austria

July 10

“World of Ideas” Conference Performance, Vienna, Austria

June 010
“Khora Kola“, Performance, part of public art project: “Am Stadtrand“, KÖR, Vienna, Austria

Nov 09 – June 010

“World of Ideas“, Filmportraits, 100min, Global

Feb 10

Feb 010
“Exploration“, Video, Upon Arrival, Group Exhibition, Malta Contemporary Art, Malta

Jan 010
“Impossible“, Video, Urban Wonders, Group Exhibition, Remise Bludenz, Austria



Dec 09
“Traces“, Performative Lecture, Stadtbahnbogen 36, Vienna, Austria

June 09
“Surmount“, Panel discussion, PSI#15 Misperformance, Zagreb, Croatia

Oct.08 – June 09
“Victorian Gardening“, 1 year Programme: Curating, E:vent Gallery, London, U.K.


May 08 – Oct 08
“Takkern II“, Documentary Film, project development in progress, Austria


June 07

“Expert“, Performative Research, Goldsmiths College, London, U.K.


Oct 06.
“Dubai“, Video, Liminal Phase, Group Exhibition, London, U.K.

Feb 06 – Sept 06
“Expo/ Being and Doing“, Documentary Film (50min) Co Director, Japan/ Austria


Oct 05
“Schleckerschleife“. Video, Styrian Autumn Art Festival, Austria
“GU – ruban landscape“, Performative Lecture, Styrian Autumn Art Festival, Austria


Aug 04
“Floating Spaces – Gates Communities“, Media Festival ISEA 2004, Baltic Sea, Estonia, Finland

March 04
“Insurmountable Objects”, The Audible Picture Show, Rotterdam, Netherlands


“Dissorder“, Video, Shortfilmfestival Hamburg, Germany
“Basic Cellfunction“, Video, Biochemistry Dept, Univ. of Dundee, Scotland, U.K.


““, Office Culture Installation, Visual Research Centre, Dundee, U.K.
“Hybrid Brains“, Experimental Film, Video/ FilmArt Festival Barcelona, Spain
“Say Again“, Audio CD, Live Ram Sound Festival, Stockton, England, U.K.


“Urban Exchange“, Multimedia Installation, Art&Idea Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
Solo exhibition

Experimental Short Films, Austria

“City Joker“, Urbanist Project, 50min, Film, Styrian Autumn Art Festival, Austria